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Dai luoghi alla statis e viceversa. Considerazioni su un passo di Aristotele

De Luna Maria Elena
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Rivista Storica dell’Antichità
Rivista Storica dell'Antichità N. L/2020

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From the places to the stasis and vice-versa. Considerations about a paragraph of Aristotele 

The paper discusses a passage of Aristotle’s Politics (V 3, 1303b 7-17) in which the philosopher seems to adopt a deterministic vision of the relationship between the uneven conformation of a given territory and the conflicts that may occur within the city rising it; and the stasis, in turn, as it emerges from other texts, manages to modify and connote the places themselves. Nevertheless, analysing the context in which these considerations are proposed, as well as the methodology of investigation and the aims of the Book V of the Politics, it is possible – also in the light of other sources – to reassess the seeming peremptoriness of Aristotle’s statement, which to a superficial reading appear devoid of nuances. 

Keywords: Territory, Conflict, Political space, Aristotle, Determinism, Historiographical sources.